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General Information

Did you forget your charger or need an adapter?

Do you have video conferencing equipment available?

Where can I find a list of events (educational, networking, etc.) that are being hosted onsite?

Can I host an event at your workspaces?

Who has access to my credit or debit card information?

How do I create an account to book a workspace?

Do you have to be a member to use your workspace?

Can I walk-in your workspace without a booking?

Can I book a work zone before arriving onsite?

What is your cancellation policy for a booking made online?

What are your hours of operation?

Can I bring food and beverages into the workspace?

How reliable is your WiFi?

What is your pricing model?

What type of work zones do you have onsite?

The Queen City @ Plainfield, NJ

What amenities do you offer at this location?

Do you offer onsite printing services?

Do you have a mailbox service for guests?

Where is "The Queen City" workspace located?

How can I contact "The Queen City" workspace?

Which public transportation stations are located near your workspace?

Is there parking available near the workspace?

Are there walkable amenities around the workspace?

The Junction @ Princeton, NJ

What amenties do you offer at this location?

Where is "The Junction" workspace located?

When will "The Junction" workspace open to guests?

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