Our Collective Story

We created from HERE to echo our lifestyles, as the overlap between work and home is impacting everything from our families to our mental health.

For most of us, the way - and from where - we work has changed and continues to evolve day by day. However, the things that we need to be productive, collaborative, and balanced are still being defined. We realized very quickly that having easy access to local, convenient, and affordable workspaces is one of them.

Early on, we dedicated ourselves to developing a commitment-free workspace model that focuses on alleviating the daily pain points of today’s workforce and truly enables remote work.

Our goal is to bring a simple, on-demand solution to neighborhoods that enables anyone to take advantage of a workspace - and all the benefits that come with an office and café environment - in a manner that makes sense for your life.

Sneh Kadakia

Founder & CEO

Mina Hanna

Chief Business Development Officer

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